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August 6, 2012

Editorese to English, Lesson I

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When an editor (i.e. me) says "not quite what I'm looking for," she may mean:
  • This is so poorly proofread I can't believe you thought it was ready for publication.
  • I'm underwhelmed.
  • I didn't get it. Was that supposed to be a pun at the end?
  • I'm underwhelmed.
  • This isn't even the right genre what the heck people it's in the magazine's URL/header!
  • I'm underwhelmed.
  • This is a perfectly good story. However, I know what I want for my magazine and I know this isn't it, though I can't give a specific reason why or how.
What I've learned today while reading slush:
  • A lot of recent submissions to Mirror Dance and Lacuna have been underwhelming.
  • There is no polite way to say that someone's writing is underwhelming.

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  1. You should give us the whole truth, Megan. Us writers can take it.

    No, wait, no we can't! You should keep on doing what you're doing.