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May 25, 2012

New market for fantastical poetry!

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I thought some of my Mirror Dance poets might be interested in this: Through the Gate is a brand-new magazine for fantasy poetry with "emotional and literary depth" and a special interest in myth and folklore. Find the full guidelines here. This sounds like a fantastic project and I can't wait for the first issue!

Speaking of gates and traveling through them, the line-up for the Summer 2012 Mirror Dance (theme: Guardians and Gateways) is complete. Mike Phillips and Robert Shmigelsky return to our pages, while we'll be welcoming Shirl Sazynski, Jamieson Ridenhour, K. A. G. Broderick and many others to their first (but hopefully not last!) Mirror Dance issue. The issue goes live on June 1. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I thought some about my Mirror Dance artists may be keen on this: Through the Gate is a fresh out of the plastic new magazine for dream verse with "passionate and scholarly profundity" and an extraordinary interest in legend and old stories. Track down the full rules here. This sounds like a fabulous undertaking and I can hardly wait for the primary issue!