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January 15, 2016

Mirror Dance re-opens to submissions

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That's the big news for today. See the guidelines here, and note that we have a new address for e-mail submissions.

"Palingenesis" has garnered some nice words from Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews (a new favorite review blog, by the way: Payseur's comments are generous, attentive, and lyrically written) and Maria Haskins, who recommends it along with eight other "intriguing" speculative stories from around the web. I won't be linking to the review at Tangent, which misgenders a non-binary character in a way that strikes me as deeply dismissive, if not intentionally malicious. In fact, I'll link to this instead: American Dialect Society, "2015 Word of the Year is singular 'they'."


  1. I'm new at reading this sort of stuff. I so wanted a big reveal at the end of Palingenesis that would explain why Blair was plural.

  2. That's fair. I was hoping "They were not my son, and they were not my daughter" and "the day Blair told me that they were not a boy..." would give readers enough light to navigate by--especially Weird Fiction readers, who are used to getting glimpses and slides of explanation instead of the whole diagram--but I suppose I can see why readers less familiar with that expository style, or genderqueerness, or both, might expect more answers than they were ultimately given.

    I'm afraid I couldn't tell the story I wanted to tell and write "Genderqueerness 101" at the same time, so fortunately enough, it looks like someone has done the latter for me:

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