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November 5, 2015

This isn't a blog post

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...because I should be finishing revisions on a book chapter right now. So. In one hundred words or less:

It's November!

Jose Cruz has written a wonderful spotlight on "Final Exam" over at The Haunted Omnibus. Also check out the interview, in which I discuss genre, Lovecraft, humor, and futility.

And I have a new short story, "What Hands Like Ours Can Do," in the November issue of The Dark:

She’s washing the dishes after a simple breakfast of fried eggs and tomatoes, looking out the window towards the river winding low and shaded beneath the willow trees, when she sees a man coming up the road from the south. He’s dressed nicely, gray suit and waistcoat, well fitted; his shirt looks new, with one of those low Mandarin collars that take a pin instead of a tie. No hat, and his dark, longish hair blows across his eyes like a veil. She thinks to herself that there’s rain coming, with that kind of wind.


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