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June 11, 2013

It's always Summer in our dreams...

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My story "The Huntsman" - a mash-up of at least three different fairy tales - is now online at Lightspeed. While you're there, check out the reprint of Ken Liu's incredible "Mono no aware."

The June issue of Mirror Dance, Watchers: Stories of Angels and Demons, has also appeared (and been appeared for a little over a week now. Apologies for my belatedness!). The poetry in this issue is some of the most incredible work we've published - check it out!

On a different front, last Friday I finished my student teaching semester, and with it, my B.A. in English and Secondary Education. Insert joyful noises here. As of tomorrow, I will be spending the rest of the month visiting the multi-talented Therese Arkenberg in Washington DC, where I intend to catch up on a semester's worth of writing! And, you know, see some museums and pandas and stuff.


  1. Ms. Arkenberg,

    I wish I could properly convey the influence you've had on me. I'm nothing as far as writing/sales goes. With that, I was accepted to two token markets, that, I likely would never have submitted to, had I not seen stories by you on these token sites.

    I loved, 'House of Unrighteous Images.' Indeed, after 'Final Exam.' I cannot believe I connected you with both of those stories.

    I really hope this doesn't sound disrespectful. but at the time, all I read was Asimovs, and SF & F. With so many stories, I was surprised that, when, I found Liquid Imagination, and read, 'House of Unrighteous Images,' that you were the same author of 'Final Exam'.

    After that, I've tried in every token/semi-pro-market I've seen you in. If I never make one, professional sale, but end up in several token markets that you've been in, I could be satisfied with that.

    I hope this appears like the compliment I want it to be. The one dollar bill on my wall, "Yes, I framed my first, eight dollar paycheck from Liquid Imagination," I just wanted to say thank you for the great stories you write. I've liked them all.

    Sorry for the ramble. It will be a long time before I'm ever decent at writing. Super Stoked to see your name around.


  2. Hi C. S.,

    Thank you so much - that really is a fantastic compliment!

    Your submissions strategy actually sounds much like the one I began with (and found very successful). My first few years writing, I geared many of my submissions to magazines where a certain author had been published; my writing style shared some commonalities with hers, but mostly I was just thrilled at the prospect of sharing a Table of Contents with her. It wasn't until last year that I reached that particular goal. In the mean time, I'd improved my craft enormously, become comfortable with the submissions process, and developed a pretty good understanding of the SFF market scene.

    I've also always retained my affection for token and semi-pro magazines. Judging from my experience editing Mirror Dance, I think the token 'zines and the pro 'zines attract two different sets of readers (though there is, of course, a considerable overlap), and I like to reach both groups when I can. Token 'zines do some fantastic work - Liquid Imagination's audio fiction is top notch.

    Thanks again for the note, and best of luck with your writing!


  3. A response within minutes. I wish I had a better compliment to give, besides class. Outstanding, Arks. Absolute class, you have. Really. The new cloth from which writers are cut.