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October 5, 2012

Research Day

Posted by Megan Arkenberg with 4 comments
While I have not been able to find enough evidence to reasonably suggest that "Lludd and Llefelys" from The Mabinogion was an influence on M. R. James' "An Episode of Cathedral History" or "A Warning to the Curious," I did find this fascinating Jamesian approach to the story Blodeuedd. All in all, a productive day!


  1. The Mabinogion! Another reason the Welsh are a laughing stock. I mean, if you're only going to generate one single tome of accumulated folklore, as an ethnic group (as opposed to the Scots, Irish and Cornish who have given rise to more local and international legends and fables than you can shake a stick at) you might as well make it sublime. I mean what were those dark ages daffodil-wearing leek-eaters thinking? I recall one tale in which the mighty and proud warriors of the valleys get involved in a succession of at least three shoe-making enterprises over the English border (could have been saddles. Or any other leather wares). And another, in which the author (or ultimate interpreter of the tale) thought it acceptable to just list yet more mighty and proud Welsh heroes...for OVER TEN PAGES. I don't know who this M. R. James character is but he does well to steer well clear of the whole messy business.

    In my opinion.

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