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January 22, 2010

Review Policy for Mirror Dance and Lacuna

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I've received several e-mails in the past few weeks about reviews for Lacuna and Mirror Dance. Clearly, it's high time I came up with a policy, made it public, and stuck with it.

If you would like to submit a review you have written to Mirror Dance or Lacuna, that is absolutely wonderful: please see the submission guidelines for the individual magazines. Here is my policy for review requests, i.e. publishers or authors who would like me, the editor, to review one of their novels for one of my magazines.


Your book must fit the genre of the magazine in which it is being reviewed.

For Lacuna, this means historical fiction, alternate history, science fiction/fantasy/horror with a historical setting, or creative nonfiction on a historical subject.

For Mirror Dance, this means some form of fantasy or magic realism: not horror or science fiction (dark fantasy and science fantasy are acceptable).


I vastly prefer a hard copy to review. Most of my computer time is spent editing the magazines or working on my own writing career; I read review copies during my commute and during down-time throughout the day.

If you absolutely must send me an electronic copy, it must be a) very short or b) very printer friendly. If for any reason this will be an issue (for example, you are requesting a review for an e-book) please e-mail me with the specifics and we can come up with a satisfactory solution.


Don't be shy about sending me extra information with your review request (I'll do background research anyway, but I feel better when the information comes straight from the author/publisher). Tell me who wrote it, who published it, when it's being published, where it can be bought, how much it costs. If you have a detailed web page dedicated to it, let me know. If you have a fan club, let me know. If there's anything else about you you'd like to have included in the review, tell me up front so I can include it.


If I've reviewed one of your books in the past, you are absolutely welcome to send me a review copy of your next book, add me to your newsletter list, etc. I like to know what you're up to, in a completely non-stalkerish way. However, I'll try not to review two books by the same author in two consecutive issues, so please don't be upset if you have to wait a few months.

If I've already agreed to review a copy of your novel and it doesn’t meet all the above criteria, don't worry, you're still getting your review. I will always notify you immediately if for some reason I'm unable to review your book. That said, if you send me a review request and don't receive a confirmation e-mail in a week or two, please give me a nudge, as something has gone seriously wrong.


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