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January 7, 2009


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I. Resolved: that a blog shall be created, the purpose of which shall be the recording of halfway coherent musings on writing, most especially the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

II. Resolved: that the aforementioned blog shall be updated with some regularity.

III. Resolved: that all rejected work shall be sent out again on that same day of rejection, and that all trunk stories shall be edited and de-trunked.

IV. Resolved: that a new piece of short fiction shall be completed every two (2) weeks, and a new poem every week.

V. Resolved: that the response time of Mirror Dance fantasy e-zine shall be lessened; or that the content of negative responses be proportionately more detailed.

2009 has started off well for me, with acceptances at Shantytown Anomaly and The Heron's Nest, work appearing in the Lorelei Signal, and a nomination in Preditors & Editors. I also received the first two issues of my Willows subscription, which I will be blogging about shortly. Happy New Year, and welcome to my blog!


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